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Fused core technology in HPLC columns

Turmeric has been used since ancient times as a seasoning, preservative and coloring agent as well as folk medicine. In turmeric rhizomes there are three main cucuminoids: Curcumindemethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Recent development of fused- core technology in HPLC columns is enabling faster and highly efficient separations.

The authors have used this technology and evaluated for the development of fast method for the analysis of main curcurminoids present in the extract. Step-by- step optimization strategy of chromatographic parameters was used to develop a fast and reproducible analysis method for the determination of curcuminoids. Separation of these three curcuminoids was achieved in approximately 1.3 min and the total analysis time, including column clean-up and re-equilibration times, was 7 min. The optimized method showed an excellent chromatographic performance in term of resolution, peak symmetry, repeatability, reproducibility, selectivity, and quantification and detection levels and was successfully used for the analysis of different real samples with similar performance. Based on the results gathered during the method development, it's clear that fused-core column technology has a great potential to deliver faster and more sensitive methods for the analysis of curcuminoids and other natural products.

This journal is published in Food chemistry


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