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  • How to make an enquiry about phytocompounds?

    Select phytocompounds of interest and click “Send enquiry” button. An enquiry form will appear. Just fill required details in the form and hit the submit button. Reply can be expected within 24 hours. Alternatively, mail can be sent to or call directly through 080-40209708..

  • What if a phytocompound is not available with you?

    Presently, we offer phytocompounds mainly from Indian medicinal plants. In case, the phytocompound of your interest is not available with us, we would be happy to offer them subject to the general terms and conditions.

  • How the purity of phytocompounds is ensured?

    Purity of each and every phytocompound is ensured by using appropriate methods. Purity of most phytocompounds is checked by HPLC analysis the respective Certificate of Analysis (COA).

  • What is the timeline for delivering the ordered products?

    Once payment is confirmed, delivery will take one to two weeks within India and three to four weeks to places outside India.

  • Are all the compounds obtained from plant resources?

    Yes, all phytocompounds we supply are isolated purely from plant sources.

  • How the identity of a phytocompound is confirmed?

    Identity of each and every batch of phytocompound is confirmed with the help of IR, Mass and NMR spectral data.

  • Why should I register in this website?

    Registration in this website helps to access scientific information on our phytocompounds (e.g., Phytocompounds Flyers) and to receive updates/offers if any from us.

  • How to see all the phytocompounds of your company?

    All our phytocompounds can be seen under the Products tab in the home page.

  • What is Alphanumeric Index?

    It is a list of all phytocompounds in the alphabetical order and numerical order. By default, all phytocompounds are displayed as per our product code. Depending upon the requirement, phytocompounds starting with different alphabets can be seen using the filters A-Z. Numeric index filter can be used to browse the phytocompounds starting with numbers.

  • What is Botanical Name Index?

    It is a list of all botanicals from which the specified phytocompounds are isolated.

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