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  • What are Chemical Groups?

    It is a list of chemical groups under which, all phytocompounds are grouped. Some phytocompounds, that are not classified for various reasons are grouped under “Others”. One or more phytocompounds in this list may be placed under new groups as and when more compounds are made available.

  • How can I find a phytocompound?

    Use Phytocompounds search for finding the required phytocompound.

  • What is the use of advanced search?

    Advanced search helps to find out a phytocompound that satisfies one or more defined criteria such as product code, CAS number, molecular weight, molecular formula, chemical group and botanical source in addition to the compound name..

  • What is Phytocompounds flyer?

    It is a single page document containing scientific information on a phytochemical reference substance. Scientific information includes Lipinski’s parameters and bioactivities of a phytocompound among other things.

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